Michelson Consulting Group

Michelson Consulting Group (MCg) provides strategic advisory services to help citizen sector and for-profit institutions grow their philanthropic business. MCg has an enviable track record of successful partnerships and is a preferred consultant with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Tides Foundation, and Ashoka. MCg has extensive international experience working with global organizations.

In-country experience in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe and the Middle East ensures our consulting advice and workshops accurately reflect the specifics needs of international entities. Working with only a handful of organizations each year, we form long-term relationships with our partners.

Erin MIchelson

Business Expansion Plans

MCg works with nonprofit organizations to create revenue-generation strategies and implementation plans aimed at increasing assets under management. Leveraging proven business development strategies, we focus on helping organizations that have reached a plateau make it to the next level of organizational growth.

In addition to fundraising and business development, we also offer advisory services in the area of integrated communications, providing communication tools that resonate with your funding audiences, as well as Board evolution strategies and coaching.

Fundraising Workshops

Erin has presented workshops around the world, including Cairo, Istanbul, Addis Ababa, Cape Town, and Nairobi. Her primary workshop focuses on the Fundamentals of Fundraising, providing a basic understanding of the eight different of areas fundraising, including fee-generated income options and more traditional contributed revenue streams.

The workshop emphasizes the psychology behind how funders make decisions. We talk about identifying funders, building long-term relationships, and how to best position your organization to receive the most money. The workshop is interactive, drawing on real-world case studies from global funders and organizations.

Good Governance Seminars

Erin’s proprietary “Art of the Ask” seminar was created for nonprofit organizational leadership, including senior staff and Board of Directors. The seminar objective is to dispel the hesitancies surrounding fundraising and to teach your organization’s largest stakeholders how to comfortably—and confidently—fundraise.

We uses role playing sessions, sample scripts, and tutorials to lay out the steps involved in making an appropriate and successful ask while preserving professional and personal relationships. Our goal is to create an environment of inspired governance.