The New Philanthropist

Christened “The New Philanthropist” by National Geographic Traveler magazine, Erin has built her understanding of the philanthropic space through real-world experience: founding and running of a successful nonprofit organization, serving as a Board of Director, working on the business side of philanthropy within the corporate world, and retained by leading global foundations to assist grantees with capacity building.

The original Adventure Philanthropist, Erin hosts pro bono workshops on fundraising and nonprofit strategy around the world. She seeks to inform everyday philanthropists through her Giving U educational materials and share her love of giving through the Adventure Philanthropist Series. Erin also writes about participatory philanthropy and global giving on her blog:

Social Media Mini Giving

Erin continues to give away books and charitable donations via her social media network. To participate in these mini giving campaigns, follow Erin on Facebook and Twitter.

GoErinGo! Fund

Erin established the GoErinGo! Fund with $30,000 before she left on her two-year around-the-world journey. Her goal was to make charitable gifts to worthy organizations and communities she encountered along the way.

Nearly 3 years from the day it was established, the GoErinGo! Fund spent its corpus as intended, donating more than $36,000 to nonprofits around the world. (The money was invested and increased in value during the 3 years.) Here’s a complete listing of GoErinGo! Fund donations to date, including specifics regarding country, sector, and gift amount.

Donate My Dollars

During her global adventure, readers of the GoErinGo blog helped direct GoErinGo! Fund gifts by participating in Donate My Dollar polls. The idea is to break down the barriers to participating in philanthropy, making it so easy that readers didn’t even need to give away their own money, but could vote to give away Erin’s.

By participating in these polls, readers were able to maximize giving, sometimes even doubling the amount of the donation. For instance, in Laos, the GoErinGo! Fund adopted a rural village by funding a book party where each child received their very first book. The readers of GoErinGo blog then voted to extend the donation by 30% providing funding for a mini-library for the village as well.

Profit Sharing

Book Tour: While on tour, Erin donates 20% of her profits for every book sold at each stop, encouraging her host to choose a local nonprofit organization to support. In this way, Erin continues to learn about social issues and support local organizations as she travels across the country.

More Fear: All profits from the sale of Adventure Philanthropist: More Fear will be donated to nonprofit organizations that help protect women and children around the world. Erin understands that it is the women and children who live in these harsh environments who show real courage in facing hardships every day.