Inspirational Storytelling

Erin began her career on the publishing side, working at Dow Jones’ Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong and writing for several Asian regional publications at The Economist Group. Upon returning to the States, she became a ghost-writer for bankers and investment managers, focusing on international stock markets and the principles of money management, particularly the area of women and investing. Over time, Erin developed a specialty writing about philanthropic financial products.

Today, Erin’s writing is far more personal, reflecting her approach to positive philanthropy and how we can incorporate giving into every aspect of our lives. With startling honesty, Erin shares with us her insight and sources of inspiration, unveiling the joy of giving through her tales of travel and friendship that span the globe and open our hearts.

Adventure Philanthropist:
Great Adventures Volunteering Abroad

The plan was there was no plan—visit all seven continents, see what happens. Erin Michelson is a high adventuress, who lives life on the edge. Giving up a successful business, her stake to a house, and all of her possessions, she decides to just take the money and run. Surviving swindlers and saints, she struggles to keep her eyes and heart open.

Her escapades not only show us how best to tackle a minefield, how to bathe an elephant, and where to find a string of pearls, but also how to make a world of difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable.

For two years, she volunteers across the globe, searching for an authentic experience and the chance to reach out and leave the world, even just a small part of it, a better place. This is the life of an Adventure Philanthropist!

Adventure Philanthropist:
More Fear

Traveling alone across the globe, I began to eat fear for breakfast—taking large bites and swallowing any doubts that lingered at the edge of my consciousness. I learned to devour danger, to fry up fright and serve it sunny-side up with my morning coffee.

Even though I was afraid, my scary encounters were exhilarating. Nothing gets your heart pumping like swimming with crocodiles or hearing a scream in the dead of night, being caught up in an inescapable maze or hitchhiking through a Middle Eastern desert.

Fear consumed me during my trip and I consumed it. Here—try a taste with me.

Praise for Erin’s Books

us“This absolutely wonderful book is a must-read for all Ethical Travelers! Informative, courageous and absolutely charming.” — Jeffrey Greenwald, author of Shopping for Buddhas: An Adventure in Nepal, US


australia“Brilliant. Heartfelt, inspiring and so authentic.” — Sam, Australia


soutkorea“You really inspire me. Reading about places and how people live and what can be done to help.” — Winnie, South Korea


uk“Wow. What an inspiration for women everywhere.” — Suzie, United Kingdom


belgium“…your website, your newsletter and your book inspired me to do some volunteering myself.” — Kim, Belgium


sweden“A great book about adventures around the world, combined with meaningful engagement for mankind.” — Hilde, Sweden